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Youth Advisory Group

New Zealand Schools’ Pride Week and Out On The Shelves has been supported and overseen by a group of fantastic youth from across the country! 


Kia ora, I’m Jade or Jaida, you may call me whichever you prefer. I was born in Canada and moved here almost 12 years ago and have lived in Blenheim ever since. I am currently at a college level, doing online correspondence in order to get my NCEA qualifications. When that is over, I hope to go to uni in Wellington to study some combination of Psychology, Classical Studies and Religious Studies. I have been in the rainbow community since half-way through Year 8. However, even before that, I strived to advocate for all of my peers who society deems as minorities. I left the college I was going to due to an unsafe environment, and because I live in a small town, there weren’t really any other options. I am now going back as an ex-student attempting to help them make it a safer place for their rainbow students. I hope that through being involved in this project, I will be better equipped to help not only the schools in my town but possibly even more schools throughout Aotearoa. My wish is that students in the rainbow community do not have to feel ashamed or unsafe while at school, and hopefully the schools can reflect this work to apply to other groups that are frequently prejudiced.

Schools Pride Week was also supported by these staff and previous Youth Advisory group members:

Ari Dewar (They/Them) 
School Campaigns Coordinator

A big thank you to Chloe Stokes and Emmett Roberts for their support of the campaign in previous years.

Tabby Besley (She/Her)
Managing Director of InsideOUT
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Schools Pride Week was made possible thanks to the generous support of:

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