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This campaign has been supported by these fantastic youth: 

Asher Abraham

Asher Green

Kia ora. Ko Whakatōhea toku iwi. Ko Asher tōku ingoa. Heyo. I’m Asher. I identify as takatāpui. I have always been passionate about helping other people whenever I can. I have been in the community since Year 7, coming out later that year. I’m now in Year 12 hoping to get excellence endorsed with mainly art/performing art subjects. I was born in Auckland but raised in the Waikato and Tainui region. I have been involved with my school diversity group and our school Pride Week since I started Year 9 and I have just become the leader of our group this year. I also am a youth mentor at WaQuY and help with our local Where’s WaQuY group.

Zoey Mackenzie

Zoey Mackenzie she/her

Mōrena all. Ko Zoey tōku ingoa. My name is Zoey, I’m a trans girl and lesbian from Wellington. I’ve always been passionate about making society and life in general better for others, and to that end I’m very involved with political campaigns and activism. I’m a Year 10 at Onslow College, and I’ve just become the leader of our group this year. I’ve known that I’m queer since around Year 7, but I only started figuring out my gender identity early last year. Hobby-wise, I’m interested in politics and history, and in making our world a better place. I also love music and the theatre, and it is my dream to one day act in a musical. Some other hobbies of mine include debating, scouting, writing, fashion and maps. I am so excited to be a member of this group for 2021!

Justin Felderhof

Justin Felderhof he/they/she

Kia ora everyone, my name is Justin and I identify as non-binary and queer. I am currently a Year 13 student at Hutt International Boys School in Upper Hutt and I have been an active part in making our school a more accepting place and a more welcome place for our LGBTQIA+ whānau for the past few years. I run a mental-health and politics group called ‘Thrive’ where students from Years 9-13 can come together in a safe place to discuss their opinions on themselves, their situation and the world around them. I love the arts and am currently doing Music, Drama and Media Studies. I am a big musical theatre fan as well, so in the future/uni next year I would love to pursue anything performing arts/film related.

Sage Garrett

Sage Garrett He/Him

Kia ora. Ko Sage tōku ingoa. My name is Sage, I am a gay trans man living in Kirikiriroa. I am passionate about the rights of all living beings and do my best to fight for those rights. I am currently in Year ten at Hillcrest High School and I am a student leader of our school’s rainbow activism and safe space group called ‘Skittles’. I am also in our Amnesty International group.  Hobby-wise, artistic roller skating, playing music, and theatre are my favorites. I wanted to be a part of this advisory group because last year I saw how much of a positive impact School’s Pride Week had on me and the students at my school and I wanted to be a part of creating something that special for students across the country.

Sankhya Pandey

Sankhya Pandey they/them

Kia ora! Nice to meet you. I am incredibly excited to be working with these amazing rangatahi to help create Pride Week this year. As a non-binary and pansexual student in Auckland, I have recognised several aspects of school life that impacts rainbow students negatively. Additionally, due to the lack of education about LGBTQIA+ youth in our communities, the support our youth need may be absent. I believe that Schools Pride Week can help provide a voice for the rainbow school community, help inform changes to make our schools safer and educate the wider community about us. Currently, I am a singer and pianist for Henderson High School’s rock band and my school’s UN Youth High School Ambassador for 2021. I am also thrilled to continue leading HHS Community Club, a diverse group of students which create and complete projects that benefit the community.

Shannae Phelan

Shannae Phelan she/her

Kia ora! My name is Shannae, I am in my first year of uni, studying English, Education, Media and Sociology, and I live in Ōtautahi/Christchurch. I identify as a gay/lesbian/queer cisgender woman. As this is my second year being a part of this project, I am thrilled to be working alongside some other incredible volunteers and with InsideOUT again. NSPW is incredibly important to me as I strongly believe that all students and staff should feel not only a sense of belonging in their school community but should also feel accepted, celebrated and loved, regardless of how they may identify. I have been getting more and more involved with the rainbow community here in Christchurch every year and am always excited to meet and connect with new people in the community!


Flo Akauola

Flo Akauola

Talofa Lava and Mālō e Lelei! O lo’u igoa o Flo Akauola.  I feel honoured to be able to contribute and share space with our community as part of the Pride Week YAG 2021. I identify as fa’atama and queer. I am a Year 13 student, and Head Boy of Papatoetoe High School. As a Pasifika rainbow diverse young person I am incredibly passionate about my South Auckland community. I want to advocate for safe and inclusive spaces in school and our community; in particular spaces that uphold mana, uplift our ancestors and support our Pasifika and Māori cultural values. I am currently a part of a number of school groups -Peer Sexuality Support Program, Diversity and Amnesty International. I love listening to and playing music, spoken word poetry and all things creative. I’m excited about how I can support Pride Week YAG. Fa’afetai tele lava.

Red Licht

Shalom, my name is Red. I am a Year 13 at Tawa College. I am a transmasc aroace person and have been active in the rainbow community since Year 9. I am a leader at my school’s QSA and am working on many projects in school and out of it to further advocate for the rainbow community. I think that intersectionality is something that needs to be talked more about and represented in rainbow spaces. I am also Jewish and are interested how much gender diversity is in the Torah. I am excited to be part of YAG this year as I love helping fellow rainbow people in learning to accept themselves and make school environments more rainbow friendly. After school I want to go to uni and train to become a lawyer.

Fatima Hael Martin

Fatima Hael Martin she/they

Kamusta sa pamilya ko! My name is Fatima Hael Martin. After graduating from high school last year, I am currently working as a childrens’ charity fundraiser. I am an active rainbow community member and have been since the beginning of my high school days: this has pushed me to become even more involved with the protection and welfare of youth as I have grown the need to fight for our rights to be respected no matter our age, gender, sexuality, creed or ethnicity. Coming to New Zealand meant so much to my family and I as this was a land known for its tolerance and acceptance – I want to have the same pride for our country by encouraging the youth to stand up tall and live up to the image NZ holds in the world. Being a part of the YAG means so much to me as I can pose as a voice for fellow youth who do not feel safe to be vocal about their stories and what they want schools in Aotearoa to do in order to become a safer environment for all. 

With the experience from being a part of the 2020 YAG, I hope to bring even more fun and exciting activities for the whole of Aotearoa to enjoy with the rainbow community.

It is an absolute pleasure to be back on board the InsideOUT YAG for 2021!


Kia ora, I’m Jade or Jaida, you may call me whichever you prefer. I was born in Canada and moved here almost 12 years ago and have lived in Blenheim ever since. I am currently at a college level, doing online correspondence in order to get my NCEA qualifications. When that is over, I hope to go to uni in Wellington to study some combination of Psychology, Classical Studies and Religious Studies. I have been in the rainbow community since half-way through Year 8. However, even before that, I strived to advocate for all of my peers who society deems as minorities. I left the college I was going to due to an unsafe environment, and because I live in a small town, there weren’t really any other options. I am now going back as an ex-student attempting to help them make it a safer place for their rainbow students. I hope that through being involved in this project, I will be better equipped to help not only the schools in my town but possibly even more schools throughout Aotearoa. My wish is that students in the rainbow community do not have to feel ashamed or unsafe while at school, and hopefully the schools can reflect this work to apply to other groups that are frequently prejudiced.

Schools Pride Week was also supported by these staff and previous Youth Advisory group members:

A special thank you to the Youth Advisory Group of 2020:
Max Loh, Hariata, Shaneel Lal, Fatima Hael Martin, Katie Sears, Shannae Phelan and Toni
Ari Dewar (They/Them) 
School Campaigns Coordinator

Thanks to Chloe Stokes and Emmett Roberts for their support of the campaign in previous years.

Tabby Besley (She/Her)
Managing Director of InsideOUT
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Schools Pride Week was made possible thanks to the generous support of:

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