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Health + Wellbeing
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In Pride Week, we want to give schools the option to promote health and wellbeing to all students. This is a way to share information and knowledge about how to keep our tamariki safe and well. Also, to enjoy positive activities in QSA groups and with friends.

In Pride Week, we want to give schools the option to promote health and wellbeing to all students. This is a way to share information and knowledge about how to keep our tamariki safe and well. Also, to enjoy positive activities in QSA groups and with friends.

Short games to promote health & Wellbeing

Ideas to promote as activities for Pride Week. These could be done in QSA groups as lunch time activities.

Create a Display

Create a display in your library (i.e. for Queer History Month) or display case in a hallway to help raise more awareness and increase invisibility about LGBTQIA+ issues in your school.

Our Differences Game

A fun activity for groups or classes to show students the differences between students. In a line ask questions to see the differences and similarities between the group. Great way to get people thinking and feeling involved.

Movie Time

We have put together heaps of great movie ideas for you and your peers to watch together, you will find them in our Inclusion and Accessibility page.

InsideOUT Koru

Rainbow Ribbon Making

Buy a bunch of ribbons and sell a small amount for a koha (donation). This gives staff and students in the school a way to show they support the stopping of bullying around sexuality and gender.

Debating the Rainbow

Hold a debate on an LGBTQIA+ / Rainbow issue. Your group vs the school debating team or the staff! This could be a good event for Pride Week or fundraising. (Keep it positive, be aware of who you are debating)

DIY Pronoun Badge Craft

Get out the art supplies and work together to create fun and colour Pronouns badges.

Shared Lunch

Organise a shared lunch for your QSA or class. A shared lunch is a great way to bond with others and raise morals. Food from different nationalities, households, will teach about differences, inclusion, individuality whilst still being alike. Especially with rainbow themed food, it will get peers excited due to the colours,decorations, atmosphere and the range of food.

Discussion group

Picking a topic i.e. fatphobia or transphobia. Discussing topics in a group provides a way to learn about many different perspectives of an issue and can help foster the development of new, positive ways of approaching those topics in the future. You could get a guest speaker to come the week before or after your discussion to give you more information on the topic.

Organise a Presentation

As a group you could organise a presentation for teachers or the school in assembly. This could promote Pride Week, teach diversity or share some rainbow stories. We have creating a "Teaching the Rainbow" presentation which can be found in the Education section.

Show and Tell

You can create a meeting in which people share their community histories. You can each do your own research and bring it together to present on a different aspect of queer, trans and tākatapui history ie. important activist heroes, historic days, law reforms, what things used to be like or what are the issues we still face


Feel good Challenge

Group work - with the focus on feeling good through positivity. You could use positive affirmations, make a board to pull out during group activities. Get you peers to write things they like about themselves on the board. There are many possibilities!

Competition ideas

Ideas to promote as activities for Pride Week. Some could be done in Form classes/Home rooms, or as small projects. These are ideas that could help promote pride and community.

Dress up your door competition!

Decorate the inside of your  classroom door with colour, personalised items, quotes and pictures to show what you are proud of. This activity promotes wellbeing and positive affirmation. It also helps to create unity within the students of the classroom. 

This activity gives classes the opportunity to come together and show pride within the community/classroom/group. Schools can make this into a competition or have it as an optional way to show pride for your community.

Make Selfcare kits

In your group or class you could have a selfcare kit making session. You could preorder resources from a variety of places and make them up in kits for people to gift/hand out during pride week. 

Appreciation Day

Appreciation day can be a school wide event, that can take place over pride week. On appreciate day, students and teachers are suprised by gifts of cards with messages and chocolates from peers within the school. 

In order for this day to happen, Pride Week prganisers need to create a range of cards for students and teachers to purchase for a small amount, fill in a message of kindness and send to another person within the school. These can be anonymous messages or personal. This event often takes two to three school days, during lunch to sell cards etc and form time the following day to send out these gifts.  This is a great way to share aroha and keep pride weeks message positive.

When selling the cards and chocolates you’ll need a good group of students to have different tasks, such as putting the cards and chocolates in folders of each from class, ticking off names of who gets what, approaching the staff to offer them cards, taking and recording of the money. It is a planning intensive activity but well worth the mahi.  

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