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Planning Advice | Whakamahere Tohutohu

Planning Advice Whakamahere Tohutohu

We are creating some advice to help schools and QSA's plan for Schools Pride Week. All you need to know in one place!

Frequently asked questions about planning your Pride Week!

Frequently asked questions about planning your Pride Week!

We’re excited to launch InsideOUT’s first annual National Schools Pride Week campaign, with a range of activities that schools, rainbow diversity groups, students and staff can get involved with in their school! Schools Pride Week is a time for celebrating and affirming rainbow identities, to help everyone feel safe and welcome at school.

If you are a student you could:

  • Contact a supportive staff member
  • Connect with a committee that runs events; School QSA/Rainbow Diversity Group or another committee
  • Find a couple of other tauira/students to help you begin


If you are a teacher or staff member you could:

  • Connect with interested students
  • Connect with the school QSA/Rainbow Diversity Group or committee
  • Encourage other school staff members to help organise and participate
  1. Register your school here
  2. Get permission if you are planning events throughout the school, if you are doing QSA only events then this might not be needed 
    1.  At most schools you will need to have a kōrero or meeting with the principal or someone in senior management to get approval to run and promote Pride Week. It is a good idea to have a staff member with you for support. 
    2. Talk about the need for a Pride Week, and bring resources along with you. This website is full of information and helpful tips to get you ready. Your chances of running a Pride Week at your school are higher if you have the support of your school principal, school management, other kaiako and head tauira/students so they can awhi/support you and your group of organisers. 
  3. Once you have permission to organise a Pride Week, you will have to plan out the activities for the week. Will you have a themed activity per day or just a couple? Are you allowed to organise a full school Mufti day for ‘Wear your Pride’ or will you advertise a rainbow wears/partly mufti day? Who should be included in organising Pride Week? 
  4. Get an organising committee sorted, delegate activities or jobs to certain people or jobs. It’s important that no one gets burned out from doing too many things. 
  5. Prepare for a possible increase in reporting of bullying or discrimination around rainbow issues during Pride Week, including cyberbullying. Advise the pastoral care team as well as other staff and ensure they know how to respond. Ensure students know the processes to report bullying and are encouraged to stand up and speak out against it.
    1. Staff members may want to educate other staff on the expected referral process and make sure they are aware of support services, workshops and helplines available in your school and local area.
    2. Staff need to be prepared to have a zero tolerance for any homo, bi or transphobia and be willing to step in if they hear any bullying take place. Your staff advocate or your planning group could discuss this in a staff meeting.
    3. There is the possibility of a teacher/school staff professional learning opportunity which can be found here or booked with an InsideOUT staff member here.
    4. Help support students to deal with bullying. You could have a meeting prior to Pride Week with your planning group to brainstorm ways to handle it. At Pride Event weeks you could do things such as having a staff member present or having a flyer about how to report bullying on hand to help prevent and respond to any bullying that does take place throughout the week. 
  6. Promote Pride Week: 
    1. Find ways to share Pride Week with your school. 
      1. Speak in assembly
      2. Print out posters and share them around the school
        Share posters with teachers, so they can put them up in their classrooms.
      3. Put information in your daily notices 
      4. Or find other creative ways of promoting Pride Week! Put the planned events in your school notices 
  7. Make Pride Week epic and have a great time!
    1. Try not to get overwhelmed by starting prep early and working together with your peers.
    2. Feel free to scale back what you had planned if it becomes too much to organise, or others aren’t helping out.
  • Be kind! It’s important to know that Pride Week is a time for celebration and affirmation. This is a week about learning about the successes of the Rainbow community and how better to affirm them. 
  • Welcome new people to the activities, Pride Week is all about being inclusive and helping others to do the same.
  • Remind tauira/students an important part of Pride Week is about spreading aroha,  celebrating and affirming rainbow identities, to help everyone feel safe and welcome in their school.

You can start to create change within your school, this is a time to look at the school rules and procedures. Are these fair and equal for all rangatahi? Check out InsideOUT’s resources and see what can be done in your school.

You can also encourage tauira/students to build up each other’s mana and connection. The awhi/support they give their mates, fellow tauira or whānau can uplift their mana and help them feel affirmed for who they are. This will contribute to a positive school environment where tauira/students can feel safe, valued and respected at all times!

  1. Permission from Principal
  2. Find staff supporters and student supporters
  3. Create a planning committee
    1. Decide on activities and the times/days of each
    2. Delegate activities or jobs to different people or groups
    3. Make sure activities are organised
  4. Print posters and share around school
  5. Put information in the daily notices or any other in school form of sharing information
  • A dedicated group of students and/or teachers
  • School QSA or rainbow diversity group 
  • A school committee such as the Health Committee

You can find all the activities on this website on the support and resources page 

We have separated the activities to highlight an important theme each day. Your school can choose to use the themes or just pick and choose the activities that suit your school community. 

Engage with us on social media and connect with other individuals, groups and schools while you are at it! 

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