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What is Schools pride Week

Schools Pride Week is the first ever nationwide Pride Week campaign based in schools, with a range of activities that schools, QSAs or rainbow diversity groups, students and staff can get involved with. The campaign builds on our former Day of Silence campaign by shifting the primary focus to a celebratory week of events and activities that support rainbow young people to have a sense of belonging in their schools and communities. Schools Pride Week has been created by InsideOUT, a national organisation that works with youth, whānau, schools and communities to make Aotearoa a safer place for all rainbow young people to live and be in. 

We hope that by celebrating and affirming rainbow identities through our pride campaign we can help reduce the experiences of bullying and distress for our rainbow rangatahi. 

Schools Pride Week aims to:

  • Celebrate rainbow staff and students in our school communities, increasing a sense of belonging
  • Support schools to facilitate activities and pride celebrations in their school, through the sharing of resources and information
  • Give schools opportunities to incorporate rainbow issues into NCEA standards and subjects, and normalise rainbow identities across the curriculum.

The campaign is supported by a youth advisory group, made up of 8 rainbow young people from diverse backgrounds across Aotearoa. This group is helping to guide the decision-making and direction of the campaign. We aim to create a campaign with information, resources and activity ideas to make it as easy as possible to run Pride Week in your schools, while still allowing lots of freedom for it to be tailored to your own school culture, and to bring in your own ideas. 

Themes for each day include education, inclusion, accessibility, whakapapa and rainbow history and celebration/pride. Schools will be encouraged to connect with their local rainbow community organisations to partner on events where possible. Young people organising Pride Week in their schools will have an opportunity to build on their leadership and event planning skills and feel the reward that comes with making a difference in their local community. Feedback from our Day of Silence campaign showed that having an event like this in their school showed rainbow rangatahi actually how many allies they had around them, that they wouldn’t have otherwise known about, and we hope the Pride Week campaign will have a similar effect, increasing student’s sense of belonging and support.

Celebrating Pride in every school Whakanuia te uenuku ki ia kura